9.30 – 11.00
Earth: food identity and responsible consumption

The financial crisis is one of the reasons that in recent years consumers have taken an increasing interest in and become more critical of the goods they purchase, including food. Besides quality and cost, other criteria are taken into consideration when making decisions, such as the food’s origin, how it has been raised or grown, and the environmental impact of how it is produced: a way to give dignity back to food that has been devalued by the process of commercialisation. Another point, what role do online communities play in promoting sustainable and responsible consumption?

Lisa Casali – environmental scientist, blogger and writer

Corrado Assenza – pâtissier chef at Caffè Sicilia in Noto
Ettore Capri – professor in Agricultural Chemistry at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
Maurizia De Lorenzo – owner of Azienda Agricola Sapori Eoliani
Beniamino Garofalo  Executive Director of Cantine Ferrari
Carlo Junior Hauner – president of Consorzio di Tutela Malvasia
Agostino Macrì – author of the blog Sicurezza Alimentare
Orazio Micali – Superintendent of Cultural Heritage Provincia di Messina
Luigi Spagnolli  Member of the management committee of the Stelvio National Park

11.00 – 13.00
Sea: sustainable management of marine resources

Uncontrolled urban development, unfettered tourism, industrial waste and unregulated fishing are causing enormous damage to our marine resources. Resources that do not merely concern food, but also energy production, transport and tourism. Using them sustainably so that they have the space and the time to regenerate naturally is now essential to protect our waters and ourselves. We will look at the most appropriate approaches and strategies to maintain biodiversity, to respect communities and to safeguard environmental conditions.

Lisa Casali – environmental scientist, blogger and writer

Giulia Bernardi – marine biologist, partner of the Aeolian Islands Preservation Fund
Mariasole Bianco – environmental scientist and marine environmentalist, partner of the AIPF
Monica Francesca Blasi – president of the Filicudi Wildlife Conservation organisation
David Kinch – chef at the Manresa restaurant, Los Gatos
Daniela Mainenti – Director of The International Seal and president of RUO
Rory Moore – marine biologist, project manager at the Blue Marine Foundation

With the partecipation of a local fisherman

14.30 – 16.30
Energy: when innovation and sustainability go at the same speed

The developments in terms of connectivity over the last decade have multiplied the speed of technological growth and everything relating to it exponentially. An essential resource for this transformation is energy, the energy that allows us to always be connected in real time, to share our knowledge and experiences, to ensure they are always in communication, and to move increasingly closer towards zero emissions. With the help of the speakers at this CARE’s Talk, we will explore how sustainable energy may be the most advantageous solution to deal intelligently and ethically with the future of innovation.

Alessandro Garofalo – founder of Idee Associate

Carlo Carraro – emeritus president of the Cà Foscari University of Venice
Guido Maria Brera – financial expert, writer and co-founder of Kairos Group
Luca Dini – journalist, head editor of Condè Nast group
Domenico Fucigna – president of TEA Trends Explorers
Fabrizio Longo – director of Audi Italia
Norbert Niederkofler – 2 Michelin starred chef of St. Hubertus restaurant in San Cassiano in Badia


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