Online cooking classes with CARE’s and ACADÈMIA

More than 60 hours for you to learn all the secrets to creating the perfect dish together with the CARE’s chefs

Are you a professional chef or do you simply have a passion for cooking? Choose the online course that is best for you and learn the methods and techniques for state-of-the-art cuisine with the CARE’s chefs. They themselves will be your guides as you discover a sustainable approach to cooking that cares for the environment.

Each course lasts four hours in total, comprising 16 to 21 video lessons available to stream, accessible from the platform at any time and with any device. You can purchase the courses individually or with the all-inclusive formula, in the form of an annual subscription with unlimited access to more than 60 hours of cooking lessons.

Single course

  • Four hours of lessons
  • Access to the selected course only
  • Watch with no time limit
  • Course on demand
  • Participation certificate

Annual Subscription

  • More than 60 hours of lessons
  • Access all courses
  • Watch with no time limit
  • Courses on demand
  • Participation certificate

Learn from the CARE’s chefs

Norbert Niederkofler

I chose to combine the concept of local cooking with sustainability to pass on a better world. Our duty as chefs is not to make everybody go greener, but to try to make them think.

A chef decorated with three Michelin stars and a Green Michelin star for sustainability 2021, he is the creator of the ethical cooking philosophy Cook The Mountain, which was conceived in the kitchen and comprises all aspects of preparing a dish, from the chosen ingredients to a direct relationship with the producers. He is the executive chef of the St. Hubertus Restaurant in San Cassiano in Badia and co-owner of AlpiNN – Food Space & Restaurant, at 2275 metres of altitude.

Fabio Curreli

Ethics is something you have in you. You don’t just bring it with you into the kitchen, you put it in every small daily gesture and in the way you communicate, by respecting a world only we can care about.

He is the executive chef of AlpiNN – Food Space & Restaurant, where he follows the principles of the Cook the Mountain philosophy of Norbert Niederkofler. He has been chef de partie of Michelin-starred restaurants such as La Pergola in Rome and the Odyssey in Monte Carlo under the guidance of Heinz Beck. At AlpiNN, he creates a mountain cuisine based on local and seasonal ingredients, a direct relationship with the producers, natural preservation methods and maximum waste reduction.

Pino Cuttaia

I think it is essential to ask ourselves why and how we do something and through these questions find the most ethical way of doing them. Preserve what I have today, so that my children will have my same opportunities.

Owner of La Madia restaurant in Licata (IT), he puts his beloved Sicily and a taste of the sea in every dish. True to his roots, his cuisine values simple ingredients and reinterprets traditional cuisine with creativity, always paying special attention to sustainability. It was the love for his homeland that earned him two Michelin stars.


For all those who love staying in the kitchen, from professional to novice chefs to all those who have a passion for cooking.

Each course consists of recorded video lessons uploaded on the platform and accessible at any time from your own personal area. The single course lasts four hours in total while the annual subscription gives you unlimited access to all the offered courses, with over 60 hours of lessons.

Once you have purchased the courses, you can access them from your personal area from any device. You can also follow the courses using the app of Acadèmia – Chef in Camicia, available for iOS and Android. The courses are available exclusively for streaming and not for download.

At the end of every video lesson, you will have to take a test on the topics mentioned during the course. Once you have passed, you will receive your participation certificate signed by Acadèmia and the chef who held the course.

Under every course, you will find the link to download the complete cook book in pdf format with the recipes of the preparations presented during the courses.

At the end of the 12 months, your subscription is automatically renewed. To deactivate this option, you just need to change and/or remove the payment information in your personal area by the annual deadline.

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