Welcome to CARE’s

The ethical Chef Days.

The project, conceived by a chef for the chefs – with specific activities tailored to their needs – takes up where it left off, in Alta Badia. With the aim to care about the environment, local communities and the rhythms of the natural world, the programme promotes an ethical and sustainable approach to cooking.

With the chefs’ help, ethical culture can emerge from the kitchen and spark positive changes in our everyday behaviour, from little things to great international game changers.

After the success of edition zero in January 2016, this year CARE’s is forging ahead and opening up to global influences, not least in the form of 30 chefs from as many as 16 countries. Food remains our springboard, naturally, but it is also a stimulus to embrace themes that are especially close to our hearts. The use of alternative energy and a general reduction in consumption; water, the most precious natural resource for life on earth; a focus on recycling and re-using waste; naturally smart, sustainable mobility – these are all subjects that we want and need to discuss.

Culture, seen as in-depth knowledge and awareness, is the vital element that makes CARE’s more than just a meeting place. We conceive of it as an opportunity and an incentive to promote worthy, upstanding, ethical behaviour both in our individual everyday lives and on a global, social and economic scale.

So the new edition of CARE’s offers not only the usual enticing programme of sporting and gourmet activities but also two highly significant conferences, the highlights of this year’s event: the CARE’s Talks. “Thought for food: nutrition and life on tomorrow’s planet” is the theme running through the two days. Contributions from important speakers from the worlds of science, economics, enterprise, medicine, cuisine and architecture will broaden our horizons, helping us see further and move forward. The chefs have the vital task of becoming ambassadors for an ethical approach that does not stop with food but has a decidedly wider potential resonance.

We owe a debt of gratitude to all our partners and sponsors, who have given us their enthusiastic support on this adventure that has become our little mission.




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