CARE’s Chef Under 30

A project created in collaboration with Restaurant Torre at Fondazione Prada which aims to promote new ideas in the kitchen and a gastronomic culture based on local products, environmental sustainability, respectful use of resources, waste awareness and a fair value for money.

In each edition different chefs “Under 30” will be invited, for two weeks each, to present a four-course menu inspired by the gastronomic identity of their own country.

The menu of the emerging talents of international cuisine are presented together with the Italian menu of the resident chef inspired by the best regional traditions.
Supported by CARE’s the restaurant Torre becomes a place for engaging in discussions revolving around the ideas that characterize the guest chefs’ cuisine. Through discussions on the concepts of sustainability, caring for the local area and environmental protection, CARE’s Chef Under 30 attempts to create a link between different cultures, to share conscious gastronomic knowledge and promote ethically-sustainable cuisine.

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