CARE’s after CARE’s

Sustainability cannot be just in the mind of a few players, it must be in the hands of those who want to confirm everyday their willingness to make a difference, day after day, one action after the other. With CARE’s after CARE’s, a Re-Action is created that amplifies the message and turns an idea into a vision, fine dining for the soul and for the winds of change. From cuisine to agriculture along with discussions, the 2020 edition will be the “CARE’s of reaffirming”. Conversation, sharing, action, but above all Re-Action.

CARE’s Talk

Being re-active. From an ethical vision to wear to an ethical vision to eat

Yvon Chouinard, the most visionary businessperson of the last sixty years, will come to CARE’s with his magnetic personality. Patagonia’s founder rarely appears in public and having the chance to hear him talk with his sincere love towards nature, listening to his irony and anecdotes will be an extraordinary experience, even hard to conceive or imagine.

However, this will be a narrative with two voices: at Chouinard’s side there will be also Doctor Emeran Mayer. He is considered a pioneer in the field of scientific research with numerous studies on the interaction between the brain and the intestine. Mayer works as a consultant for Patagonia’s Provisions project, which selects foods from all over the world: it represents a re-action to the flaws of the food industry and a way of keeping the conversation going about ethics and caring about our planet, from the clothing industry to food.

Fabrizio Longo – general manager of Audi Italia

Broadening one’s view, exploring, being inspired by new ideas, using solutions that are apparently far from our field of expertise in a creative way, are the necessary conditions for innovation. Innovation and being at the forefront are exactly what characterises and drives Audi, a company that is always searching for solutions that even anticipate the future. Audi will highlight its Road to zero emissions and the latest changes – both social and cultural – that started in the automotive industry and beyond.

CARE’s Awards 2020

Among those who participated in the Crossing Experience, the most deserving student will be chosen and will be presented with the Young Ethical Chef Award (sponsored by Monograno Felicetti). 

The Social Responsibility Award, sponsored by Marchesi 1824, will be given once again to reward who stands out day after day for their social commitment and working ethic.