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Alta Badia 2017 – CARE's – The ethical Chef Days

CARE’s 2017
Winter edition - Alta Badia

Chefs go further. The 2017 winter edition offered not only the usual enticing program of sport and gourmet activities but also two highly significant conferences, the highlights of 2017 event: the CARE’s Talk focused on the “Thought for food: nutrition and life on tomorrow’s planet.” 

Diet and health:
innovative responses to climate change

In recent decades, climate change has affected not only the activities that are most closely linked to the weather and environmental conditions – primarily agriculture – but also everything that derives from farming.
Should the importance of seasonal produce be re-adapted?
What policies should be adopted to mitigate and adapt to climate change to benefit the long supply chain from field to table?
Which kinds of animal husbandry and alternative farming fit perfectly with a healthy diet?

Architecture, design and new technologies for well-living

Architecture and design are proving increasingly receptive to a kind of design that takes account of the environmental conditions in a place, adapting cleverly to the concept of evolution, yet without sacrificing aesthetics.

The challenges to be faced and the (often high-tech) solutions adopted were examined and discussed to outline how ethical, sustainable wellness lifestyles may look in the future.

Awards 2017

In this edition, the best young chef, confectioner and server received the well-known Young Ethical Talent Awards.

The Young Ethical Chef Award (sponsored by Monograno Felicetti) was given to Federico Kratter, young chef working in the kitchen of the restaurant Phi Beach (Sardinia),  the Young Ethical Pâtissier Award (sponsored by Agrimontana) was presented to Elisa Sorrentino while the Young Ethical Hospitality Award (sponsored by Ferrari Trento and Lavazza) went to Paola Formica.

One last prize was the Social Responsibility Award (sponsored by Marchesi 1824), an award for a business that has shown remarkable commitment to sustainability, care for the land and environmental protection. This year, the award was given to Luigi Brandimarte, farmer of Castelluccio di Norcia, a land in central Italy deeply affetected by the earthquake of August 2016, who was restarting to cultivate even in such a difficult sitiation.

The trophies given were produced by Zafferano and contained in a wooden presentation box created by the artist Marcello Jori.

CARE's Young Ethical Hospitality Award - Ferrari Trento & Lavazza

Paola Formica

CARE's Young Ethical Chef Award - Monograno Felicetti

Federico Kratter – Phi Beach, Arzachena (SS)

CARE's Young Ethical Patisserie Award - Agrimontana

Elisa Sorrentino

CARE’s Social Responsibility Award - Marchesi 1824

Luigi Brandimarte – Azienda Agricola Brandimarte, Castelluccio di Norcia (PG)

Our Chefs 2017

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