The Founders

A starred chef and a dynamic communicator, together for the same ethical mission

Our Chefs

The ethical chefs who have joined us and have embraced the spirit of CARE’s so far.


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CARE’s Back to the Future
February 29 - March 3

Do you know that priceless feeling of coming back home? The snowy peaks that are rising high, nature framing every activity, and one single destination: the future.
CARE’s Back to the Future will allow us to reflect on the importance of smart cities and the need to inspire the world with ethical practices in food production, thanks to the partnership with NEOM.

The ethical Chef Days​

With the chefs’ help, ethical culture can emerge from the kitchen and spark positive changes in our everyday behaviour, from little things to great international game changers.
Culture, seen as in-depth knowledge and awareness, is the vital element that makes CARE’s more than just a meeting place. We conceive it as an opportunity and an incentive to promote worthy, upstanding, ethical practices on a global, social and economic scale too.

CARE’s so far

The chefs and the guests hosted by CARE’s are the real protagonists. They have contributed to make possible an ethical way of life, in and outside the kitchens.


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