CARE's 2019

Actions speak louder than words

Conversation, sharing, but above all ACTION.

Sustainability can not be just in the mind of a few players, it must be in the hands of those who want to make a difference everyday. From cuisine to agriculture with discussion, the 2019 spring edition was the “CARE’s of doing”.

Following the leitmotiv ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS, CARE’s 2019 underlined the importance of “doing” with regard to environmental sustainability. As in the 2018 Winter edition, this theme concerned not only small local businesses, but also large companies and organizations involved in environmental and community protection.

Sustainability was treated in its many aspects and, above all, starting from the kitchen: respect for nature and seasonality, waste reduction, reuse of waste, all under the guidance of the basic principle of doing–ethics.

The Founders

A starred chef and a dynamic communicator, together for the same ethical mission

Our Chefs

The ethical chefs who have joined us and have embraced the spirit of CARE’s so far.

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CARE’s so far

The chefs and the guests hosted by CARE’s are the real protagonists.
 They have contributed to make possible an ethical way of life, in and outside the kitchens.