The Founder

CARE’s was conceived by chef Norbert Niederkofler** of the restaurant St. Hubertus in San Cassiano (BZ) and Paolo Ferretti, owner of the communication agency hmc in Bolzano, with the support of Giancarlo Morelli*, chef of the restaurant Pomiroeu in Seregno (MB).


One of the most renowned Italian chefs, patron of the restaurant St. Hubertus of the Rosa Alpina Hotel in San Cassiano (South Tyrol – Dolomites) awarded with two Michelin Stars. Volcanic and creative, radical theorist of a comeback to the territory cuisine, is the inventor of “Cook the Mountain” the project which aims to create a strong synergy between gastronomy, territory, economic world and institutions to spread a new model of development for alpine and mountain regions. Norbert spends lots of time travelling through Planet’s mountain regions to investigate and collect the culinary experiences.


Graduate in psychology, entrepreneur and creative director of hmc, one of the main communication agencies of Trentino- South Tyrol. Passionate of “culture and cultures” and art collector. Paolo collected for years the visionary ideas of Norbert and set them down in a communication concept and project.


Patron of the Pomiroeu in Seregno, chef with an unlimited creativity, explosive energy and extraordinary sensitivity, since ever he has put the person at the centre of his cuisine. Sensitive to the wellness in general, Morelli has turned the necessity of a healthy, good and sustainable cuisine into his mantra. The starting point of every creations is the respect for the raw material, the continuous research of “natural” ingredients and the pure extraction of the taste.

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