“Cook the Mountain”, chef Niederkofler’s philosophy becomes a book

Sustainability, food and the local area. With Cook the Mountain” – The Nature Around You, the ethical philosophy of Michelin-starred chef Norbert Niederkofler becomes a book. The presentation took place at CARE’s – The Ethical Chef Days. Divided into two volumes, it tells the story of the evolution of his visionary idea that arose ten years ago from a precise question: how can mountain cuisine make its contribution to the sustainable growth of the whole planet?  

With “Cook the Mountain”, cuisine becomes something sustainable that protects the local area

To find an answer, chef Niederkofler started from his own South Tyrolean roots. Immersed into the marvellous natural landscapes of his local mountains, he had a brilliant idea: bringing to life a special kind of sustainable cuisine that is able to value and protect the local area.

That is how “Cook the Mountain” was born, an approach that is not limited to the kitchen but addresses the relationship between the local area, the production process, the product and the way it is consumed by becoming a true way of life. The primary goal? To contribute to the socio-economic development of the whole world by rediscovering local products, respecting biodiversity and promoting ethical behaviour. 

Local and seasonal raw ingredients for a greener future 

All the recipes, some of which are included in the new book, are based on genuine local and seasonal raw ingredients that Niederkofler is able to use, thanks to the direct relationship he has with the farmers and breeders, which guarantee high quality standards. Furthermore, a very limited amount of waste is produced: products such as potato peel, fish skin and cooking water are reused to make gourmet dishes.  You will find this and much more in “Cook the Mountain – The nature around you”. It tells the story of how the “Cook the Mountain” philosophy merged into the “The nature around you” concept: a call to take all the best your surrounding nature you has to offer, as Niederkofler has done with his local mountains.  Amazing pictures of South Tyrol taken by Alex Moling, heartfelt words by Christine Lasta in collaboration with Michele Lazzarini and over 60 recipes from a Michelin-starred chef take those who read the book on an unforgettable journey. Entirely printed on apple paper (100% eco-friendly material), it is available in three languages – Italian, German and English.