Earth: Food identity and responsible consumption

Earth: Food identity and responsible consumption

The first CARE’s Talk will take into consideration the theme food production and its responsible consumption under different points of view.

With the moderation of Lisa Casali, blogger and writer of different books regarding the sustainable cuisine, 7 speakers will introduce us their experiences and opinions about this current topic.

Corrado Assenza, Sicilian pastry chef aiming to offer the most natural sweets which give the island a human aspect, Maurizia De Lorenzo, a passionate Salina producer who cultivate capers and cucunci respecting the organoleptic qualities of the fruits to offer the customers the best of a slow-food raw material, Carlo Junior Hauner, son of the innovative namesake who bring back to the top the sweet wine Malvasia both in Italy and all over the world, and Orazio Micali, Superintendent of Cultural Heritage in the province of Messina, are the locals who will show us the Sicilian side of the “earth”.

The conference will go further and deeper with the speeches of other four representatives personalities: Ettore Capri, university professor researching ecotoxicology, environmental chemistry and consumer risk from pesticide, nutrient, heavy metals and trace elements, Beniamino Garofalo, managing director of Ferrari Winery, a double-level-speaching company – italian and international -, Agostino Macrì, author of a blog – “Sicurezza Alimentare”, Food Security – which inform with transparency about the scientific and medical news as well as the possible risks for the health regarding food, and Luigi Spagnolli, member of the management committee of the Stelvio National Park, who will help us to understand how a consumer can recognise a real local product and in which ways this can make the difference.