AlpiNN-Food Space & Restaurant and the all-round commitment to sustainability

With the ‘Respect’ campaign, AlpiNN-Food Space & Restaurant presents the new section of its website entirely dedicated to sustainability, once again confirming its front line commitment to environmental protection.

The unique location and the innovative sustainable gastronomic proposal are well-known characteristics of the restaurant: located at an altitude of 2275 m, in South Tyrol, it has been a must for gastronomy lovers and a popular tourist destination for local and non-local visitors since 2018. What makes AlpiNN unmistakable it’s its breathtaking view and the quality of its cuisine but what makes it stand out above all is its environmental, social and economic commitment to sustainability.

Its cuisine follows the ‘Cook The Mountain’ philosophy of Norbert Niederkofler, co-founder together with Paolo Ferretti. Going beyond the concept of a restaurant in the classical sense, Paolo and Norbert have ensured their commitment to sustainability in several fields, in addition to the culinary one: from the choice of fresh and seasonal raw materials, to the relationship with local producers, to the search for ‘zero waste’ recipes and the reduction of waste.

From 2019, AlpiNN is also the headquarters of Care’s-The ethical chef Days, an innovative project that aims to promote sustainability by bringing together chefs and professionals who embrace the same philosophy of caring for the environment and local communities as AlpiNN.

Care for natural resources and respect for people

Sustainability at organisational, managerial, relational and even design level: respect for the environment is the foundation and direction towards which AlpiNN is heading with daily actions and innovative plans for the future.

The commitment to reach a minimum in environmental impact and less waste, with the goal and promise of zero CO2 emissions by 2024, is part of what AlpINN’s does to respect nature.

At the restaurant, waste is given new life through the use of compost as a natural fertiliser, local raw materials are chosen and BWT’s local water filtration technology is used.

Respect for people means for AlpiNN to invest in and on its employees in terms of time and resources, ensuring transparency and thus gaining maximum trust. Collaboration with companies and organisations that move in a green direction also enables the sharing of sustainable values, the conception of new projects and the broadening of perspectives.

Martino Gamper’s ‘natural’ design

Martino Gamper is the world-famous South Tyrolean designer who, in line with the principles of AlpiNN, designed the interiors in such a way that allows a sensational immersion in the nature of Plan de Corones. Local materials and shapes that recall the landscape make for a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. In this way, AlpiNN presents itself as the perfect location to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding mountains and valleys below. The setting and modern style also allow guests to meet and relax, while enjoying surprising delicacies of mountain cuisine.