AlpiNN-Food Space & Restaurant and the all-round commitment to sustainability

After a break in 2020, CARE’s Chef Under 30 is ready to restart. The project, which is in its third edition, involves young Italian and international chefs who reinterpret dishes in a green way based on the culinary tradition of their homeland at the Ristorante Torre, located inside the Fondazione Prada in Milan

The first chef to present the flavours and aromas of his homeland is the Genoese chef Simone Belfiore. Born in 1991, he gained his experience in famous Italian restaurants. From the 12 to 21 November, he will present his reinterpretation of Genoese and Mediterranean cuisine through a four-course menu, using exclusively fresh and local ingredients. At the core of his cooking philosophy is a trustful relationship with local producers, from whom he acquires genuine raw ingredients such as fresh fish, which he buys every morning to avoid fish from intensive farming.

Already the Chef de cuisine of a kitchen staff comprising twelve young men and women between 19 and 20 years of age, he wants to deliver a powerful message about sustainable cuisine that respects the environment as well as the people.

CARE’s Chef Under 30, the sustainable cuisine project

Created by Norbert Niederkofler, a chef decorated with three Michelin stars and the Michelin Green star for sustainability, and his partner Paolo Ferretti, with whom he also conceived CARE’s – The ethical Chef Days, CARE’s Chef Under 30 was made possible as a result of collaboration with the Ristorante Torre, owned by Fondazione Prada. The project began in 2018 as a platform for chefs under 30 years of age to give them the chance to tell the history of their homeland through suggestive culinary creations. It represents an opportunity to reflect on the potential that using food as an instrument has in order to convey important cultural values with one thing in common: caring for the environment through the use of local products and the reduction and reuse of food waste.

The challenge of every edition? Prepare green dishes that tell a story about a land 

The focus of every edition is, in every aspect, ethics in the kitchen in all its forms and all its flavours. To stress the international scope of this event, we would like to remember the participation of chefs such as Yury Kostorev (Russia) and Aleksander Yourz (Ukraine) in 2018 and Vusumuzi Ndlovu (South Africa), Francesca Ferreyros (Peru) and Lennard Yeong (Singapore) in 2019.

The reinterpretation of traditional dishes using fresh and high-quality products increasingly represents an opportunity to think about the potential of every single ingredient. It allows chefs to rediscover authentic flavours and to tell a story to the customer about their culture and knowledge. It is essential to shape the sustainable cuisine of the future