CARE’s Talk tells the story of a more sustainable world

The seventh edition of CARE’s – The ethical Chef Days has seen the participation of important and numerous partners, entrepreneurs and spokespeople of different companies who have outlined their commitment to sustainability in addition to their plans for the future and the reasons that lie behind their choice to renew their support for the event. They did so through constructive and targeted speeches, the so-called CARE’s Talk. We want to summarise these speeches held atop Kronplatz that tell a story about a more sustainable world, told out of love for the local land and made from innovative ideas

E-mobility and energy saving: sustainability according to Audi and Miele

At CARE’s side from its first edition, the Brand Director of Audi Fabrizio Longo held a passionate speech about the commitment of Audi to revolutionise the automotive sector in a sustainable way thanks to e-mobility: “Every change is complex and complicated, but once the process of change has started, it is irreversible. First and foremost, it is a matter of coherence dictated by the necessity of collaborating with the local area,” he explained.

Executive Director of Miele Axel Kniehl talked about the commitment of his company to produce appliances that are efficient as regards energy consumption and most of all long-lasting: “All domestic appliances by Miele are tested for 20 years’ use. They are equipped with innovative technologies to save water and energy and were developed to guarantee top performance, to preserve clothes, dishes, and fresh ingredients by taking optimal care.” An example of a small good habit that makes a difference? “By using the eco-friendly program just 3% more often, you could save as much energy as all the washing machines produced by Miele consume,” he revealed. 

The commitment of Lavazza, BWT and Acadèmia to a more ethical food sector

As an innovator of the food and catering sector, the Global Brand Director Away from Home of Lavazza Michele Cannone, talked about the commitment of his company to choose sustainable raw ingredients and to raise consumers’ awareness to foster ethical decisions concerning the environment and the choice of producers.

Stefano Bonfanti, the key account manager of BWT (Best Water Technology) discussed the philosophy of the company that produces water filters: “Looking at the future, a key element of our production process is the constant reduction of resource usage and energy consumption, resulting in the abatement of CO2 emissions.”  

Nicolò Zambello of Acadèmia presented the project of a platform for online training by announcing with enthusiasm the beginning of collaboration with CARE’s: there will be training courses and masterclasses held by the chefs themselves, revolving around the topics of ethics and sustainability. 

IDM and Alperia, the forerunners of a green South Tyrol 

IDM Südtirol – Alto Adige, the business responsible for South Tyrol’s economic and sustainable development, presented through its CEO Erwin Hinteregger its vision concerning the potentialities (and the challenges) that define the region by highlighting the right direction that has to be followed to promote South Tyrol as a tourist destination that cherishes the environment and the life quality of its inhabitants.

Last but not least, Alperia, through its CEO Johann Wohlfahrter, has reconfirmed its commitment in the field of innovation, the ecological transition and also the economy: the energy provider is indeed at the forefront of promoting start-ups through Alperia Start Up Factory: the selected projects are often conceived by very young candidates and have also served as a springboard to start collaborations with Alperia in the past.

From the world of food to technological innovations, CARE’s showed us that a more sustainable world is possible, starting with conscious choices and small habits, by doing something more every day and protecting nature, its beauty and its biodiversity.