Chef under 30, the future of haute cuisine is green

The future of haute cuisine? Thoroughly ethical and sustainable. New generations are indeed paying more and more attention to the realisation of a sustainable cuisine, based on local and seasonal products and on natural preservation methods aimed at reducing waste and respecting the environment. But who are these Italian and international young talents under 30 who promote a sustainable cuisine? Let’s take a close look together.

From South Tyrol to Sicily: here are Italy’s young “green” talents

We start our presentation with Jessica Gitzl and Thomas Gantioler, the chefs of the b.local Restaurant in Bruneck, South Tyrol. They have been part of CARE’s since 2019, when they took part in the event. In their cuisine, the focus is on utilising seasonal and local raw ingredients that come from small South Tyrolean producers.

Then we move on to the team composed of the four young chefs working at Altatto BistrotGiulia Scialanga, Sara Nicolosi, Cinzia De Lauri and Caterina Perazzi got to know each other while they were working at the Joia Restaurant, which is the first vegetarian restaurant awarded by the Michelin Guide. In the Milanese restaurant, they offer a sustainable vegetarian haute cuisine experience. 

In July, Alberto Quadrio turns 30. He was born in Italy, in the region of Piedmont. After having travelled the world, he flew to Paris, where he worked for one of Alain Ducasse’s restaurants. His distinguishing features? He has a never-ending passion for gaining new knowledge and has worked for many Italian and international Michelin-starred restaurants, among them also the St. Hubertus Restaurant in St. Kassian, side by side with Norbert Niederkofler

Actually, Lucia Gaspari is a little over 30, but we could not exclude her from the list. She works as a chef at Røst, which represents a great little Milanese success story and has quickly become a household name for those who cherish green cuisine. Her cuisine is aware of waste reduction, seasonal and aims to enhance the genuine flavour of simple raw ingredients through traditional Italian recipes.

Last but least, our presentation ends with a special mention for Martina Caruso, owner and chef at the Hotel Signum in Salina, Italy. She won the Young Ethical Chef Award at CARE’s in 2016 for her commitment to sustainability. Indeed, Martina’s cuisine is one that cherishes patience, which respects nature and the products of her own isle.

At CARE’S the chefs under 30 from all over the world are committed to sustainability.

Lots of international chefs pay attention to the topic of sustainability. We had the pleasure of meeting some of them during CARE’s Chef Under 30: in 2019, this project that has brought together young talent from all over the world for two weeks inside the kitchen of the restaurant Torre at the Fondazione Prada in Milan. Everything devoted to flavour and sustainability.

Killian Crowley works as a chef at Aniar, the Michelin-starred restaurant located in Galway, Ireland. In addition to being one of the finalists of Euro-Toques Young Chef of the Year in 2016, he represented Italy at the San Pellegrino Young Chef UK & Ireland in 2018. He is a great supporter of a sustainable approach to cuisine and is convinced that working side by side with local farmers and fishers is crucial. He also believes that young generations must be taught the “live local, eat local” philosophy.

Vusi Ndlovu began his career inside the kitchen of the Sheraton Hotel in Pretoria, South Africa. After having spent many years working for in European restaurants, he started working in Johannesburg. He was nominated among the seven best African and Middle Eastern chefs at the San Pellegrino Best Young Chef 2018 and believes in utilising few and simple ingredients and making the most out of them.

Francesca Ferreyros has always being passionate about cooking. She started her career at an early age, at the restaurant of chef Ivàn Kisic in Lima, in Peru. Her gastronomic identity is shaped by the flavours and techniques of Southeast Asia and Peruvian ingredients. Recently, she began a project together with some of the indigenous population of the Amazon to expand her knowledge about the food of her nation.

Lennard Yeong is a young chef from Singapore. His path in the world of food began as an autodidact. He became one of the finalists of the first season of MasterChef Asia in 2015. He has always been sensitive to social and environmental issues, and hosted a documentary series about the disproportionate amount of imported raw ingredients in his own country. Through his genuine approach to cuisine, he wants to teach the new generations about conscious food choices.