Innovation and inclusion: when technology becomes sustainable

Is there such a thing as sustainable technology? For CARE’s – The Ethical Chef Days, the event with a green spirit that has been caring for the environment for years, the answer can only be affirmative. By linking the kitchen with other worlds that seem far distant such as fashion, arts and design, the event highlighted an undisputable truth from its first edition: through the conscious use of technology, innovation and inclusion can become synonymous. 

Content accessible to everybody to discover which ecological choices have to be taken 

Indeed, it was technology that enabled those who attended the event to connect with world-famous guests such as Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, and Emeran Mayer, the pioneer of what is known as the mind–gut connection. In addition, Michelin-starred chefs were connected from different parts of the world. The recorded video interviews are available on CARE’s Youtube channel and enable all those who want to discover which ecological choices can be taken to live a life in harmony with nature, to have a free and unlimited access to this information.

In times of uncertainty such as those in which we are living right now, technology has enabled us to discover new ways of taking care through the stories, experiences and professionalism of those who made a tangible contribution to our planet’s health. Therefore, it is important to stress that a tool can be considered green depending on the way we use it.