The etichal Chef Days

CARE’s, a name used to describe our goal; to care and to take care.

A project conceived by a chef for the chefs, that gathers wine and food companies and professionals with the same aim: to take care of the environment, the local communities and the rhythm of nature, promoting an ethical and sustainable approach to cooking.

With the chefs’ help, ethical culture can emerge from the kitchen and spark positive changes in our everyday behaviour, from little things to great international game changers.

Culture, seen as in-depth knowledge and awareness, is the vital element that makes CARE’s more than just a meeting place. We conceive of it as an opportunity and an incentive to promote worthy, upstanding, ethical practices on a global, social and economic scale too.

Because all that we need to be ethical it’s to take a little bit more CARE.


via Dodiciville, 7d/9a
39100 Bolzano · Italy


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