Discovering the first 100% sustainable hydrogen house with Audi

The house of the future is in South Tyrol. More precisely in Predoi, a village in the Aurina Valley at 1,600 meters above sea level. During the last CARE’s – The ethical Chef Days’ edition, together with our main partner Audi, we had the opportunity to visit this unique space called “Knappenhaus”.

The “Knappenhaus” project for a greener future

“Knappenhaus”, converted from an old farmhouse, thanks to the innovative combined turbine-hydrogen system which uses the running water of the nearby river, produces energy by itself with zero CO2 emissions. The project is signed by the company GKN Sinter Metals, which developed an innovative technology for hydrogen storage. Compared to other hydrogen containers, this method allows to store the gas in a more compact way, occupying less volume and maintaining a low and safe pressure.
Both the structure and the interior of the house preserve the original appearance of the farm: intimate and cozy.

Water, source of energy for Audi

Audi, CARE’s main partner since the first edition, also made water the source of its energy too. In fact, the new e-tron models, part of Audi’s fully electric range, were used for the event’s away activities. Innovative technologies, attention to the environment and collaboration with the territory, to offer concrete solutions that define the sustainable world of tomorrow.