AlpiNN – Food Space & Restaurant: sustainability starts with water

AlpiNN – Food Space & Restaurant is no ordinary mountain hut.

Located at Plan de Corones at 2275 meters above sea level, it’s born from the vision of Norbert Niederkofler and Paolo Ferretti and is based on a very specific concept: share a cultural experience that starts from the kitchen and embraces architecture, design, innovation and communication while respecting the environment. At AlpiNN Cook the Mountain, Niederkofler’s sustainable philosophy, has found a home.
From the structure and furniture to the cuisine: each element follows the principles of ethics and sustainability, enhancing the territory. The water used comes from the surrounding mountains too.

With BWT the first “bottle free zone in Italy was born

In 2019, thanks to the collaboration with BWT – Best Water Technology, AlpiNN became the first “bottle free zone” in Italy, renouncing the purchase and use of single-use plastic bottles in catering and in the organization of events such as
CARE’s – The ethical Chef Days.

Active in the field of water treatment systems, the Austrian company offers technologies that filter tap water, eliminating single-use plastic or glass bottles, with evident environmental and economic benefits. In a world that is constantly growing and that foresees a 350% increase in the volume of goods transport by 2050, acting is important to send a message and make people aware of the possibility of a responsible water consumption and the weight that its processing has on the planet.

BWT’s Commitment and Philosophy for a Cleaner World

The Austrian company was founded in 1990 and is currently based in Mondsee. It is specialized in water filtration for innovative and varied applications: from household products to swimming pool solutions. The focus is always on attention to quality and respect for the environment, avoiding packaging and transport of disposable bottles. 

The company ensures the purification of water for the desired use, on the one hand by producing demineralized water, used for example in the preparation of cosmetic products, and on the other by enriching it with minerals such as magnesium and silica, with beneficial effects on the whole body. Through the “b.waterMISSION” project, BWT’s commitment also extends to disadvantaged countries without free access to drinking water. It involves the construction of wells in rural areas of the African continent, guaranteeing supply to increasingly large population’s sections.
In fact, reflecting the believes of CARE’s and AlpiNN, sustainability and social commitment are the basis for a fairer future in a cleaner and more liveable planet for all.