From CARE’s Talk “Food and Farming – sowing small seeds, reaping the benefits” Paul Ivic

From CARE’s Talk “Food and Farming – sowing small seeds, reaping the benefits”
Paul Ivic

The world duty is the real world, because we have enough food for everybody on our planet but the most of the crops goes to industry farming and 1/3 of the food becomes directly waste. 

Over the last years the food industry took a direction that is not necessary good for our health. Just think about all the drugs they are using for the animal farming and all the pesticides and herbicides. In the long run that will destroy our planet.

Food is more than just pure sustenance. Eating means taking responsibility, respecting our resources and all people behind them. Food doesn’t need a specific language, food needs a soul and food means connecting people because food supports diversity. 

We are chefs and we have responsibilities and we have to be aware of that; we have received the white jacket to teach people how food supports their health. 

As chefs, service stuff, receptionists… we have to give our people a good education, to lift them up. I think my responsibility is to teach them what is quality. 

We are not food architects, we are chefs who have to work with health and health begins with cultivation which has to be without pesticides and herbicides. We don’t need any meat full of antibiotics and hormones too. That’s why it’s necessary that young chefs have a good education, not just an awareness about that. We have to teach them everyday, every second, we have to show them the future, that what they are doing is important for the planet not just for the dish. A dish should be nice but behind it there’s a story and we have to care about it.

We have a duty: to reduce – and reduction supports creativity!

In my restaurant we work just with vegetables and we create only vegetarian and vegan dishes, which is no reduction, but a new opportunity and my job is to figure out where the best farmer is. They are the people who inspire me because their quality is not to make a profit. They have a passion which seems to push us to share it with all the people.

We have to inspire people to focus on quality because if they study quality, they want to grow organic automatically. We need to show that nature has great gift. 

I have a very curious team and I give them space to be curious and creative. If your mind can imagine, and your heart believes it, than you can achieve it.

We have to think everyday about what we do… 

Chefs are not stars, we are hard workers and we have to think as one team.

We have good values which people could spread if they feel them as theirs.