Giancarlo Morelli

Giancarlo Morelli  Giancarlo Morelli was born in 1959 to a family of farmers from lower Bergamo, in the area of Martinengo and Ghisalba. His childhood is tied to the perfumes and odours of true ingredients: geese, ducks, chickens, poultry, calves, pigs and all the produce of vegetable gardens and orchards. In 1976, after studying at …

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Pino Cuttaia

Pino Cuttaia 49 Years, three children. He opened the Madia in Licata (Agrigento) together with his wife Loredana in 2000. Here he got the first Michelin star in 2006 and the second in 2009. Born in Licata, as a child he followed the family in northern Italy. She has lived in Turin, where she studies, …

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Martina Caruso

Martina Caruso Martina Caruso – born in 1989 – is owner and chef of the Hotel Signum in Salina. With her family, her parents Clara and Michele and her brother Luca, she deals with the management of the hotel and the restaurant. Martina is considered by many journalists and professionals as an “enfant prodige” of …

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David Kinch

David Kinch David Kinch has forged a distinctive culinary path and has been internationally recognized as an innovator of a new contemporary California cuisine. His philosophy is fostered by the terroir, or “sense of place” of the California Coast, and the kind of ingredient-driven cooking and modern technique he studied around the world. Kinch finds …

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Andrea Berton

Andrea Berton Andrea Berton was born in Friuli in 1970. His cooking adventure starts in Milan as member of Gualtiero Marchesi brigade in Via Bonvesin della Riva. His training continues in the best restaurants of the world: first from Mossiman’s in London, then at the Enoteca Pinchiorri is Florence, and finally at the Louis XV …

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Corrado Assenza

Corrado Assenza I was born in Noto in the early 60’s of the last century. I have had the luck to have two parents who have taught me to learn, lots of mentors who have left a mark in me, a sweet and good wife who have filled my life with the smile and the …

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Social Responsibility Award – Salina 2017

Social Responsibility Award – Salina 2017 Together with Marchesi 1824 we are proud to appoint the Social Responsibility Award to Francesca Iurlaro, doctorate student of philosophy, who thanks to a research bursary will look even more closely into the ethics of food.

Sea: sustainable management of marine resources

Sea: sustainable management of marine resources During the second CARE’s Talk the main theme will concern the sustainable use of the marine resources: a way to protect our waters and ourselves. With the moderation of Lisa Casali, expert in sustainable cuisine but first of all environmental scientist, 7 speakers will express their points of view …

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Earth: Food identity and responsible consumption

Earth: Food identity and responsible consumption The first CARE’s Talk will take into consideration the theme food production and its responsible consumption under different points of view. With the moderation of Lisa Casali, blogger and writer of different books regarding the sustainable cuisine, 7 speakers will introduce us their experiences and opinions about this current topic. …

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